Searches on most on-line databases
cover the recent 10-year period;
most purge after that as to save space.

Many members here have their
own collections of older records
on microfische and CD-ROM.


--California Voter Registration 1970-1995--

In past decades, Voter Registration was the
#1 tool for locates and IDs used by CA PIs.

It gave full name, DOB, state of birth,
current and past addresses, and sometimes
also phone number and occupation!

Sadly, CA voter registration records after 1-1-95
became confidential statewide, every county.

Now, old Voter Registration is the ultimate
'starting point' for finding long-lost friends or
debtors that have completely 'fallen off the radar'.

And what a super-source for DOB verification!

Alameda County 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

Los Angeles County 1970s -- 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

Orange County 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

San Diego County 1990s (on microfische)

San Francisco County 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

San Mateo County 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

Santa Clara County 1980s (on microfische)

Ventura County 1980s -- 1990s (on microfische)

and statewide, all counties at once, 1994 (on CD)

--nationwide telephone identification CDs,
'PhoneDiscs' from several maufacturers,
1991 to 1999

Searchable by name, address, or telephone number

--criminal, civil, marriage records, 1900 to current--

Federal, and various states and counties

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